A quick trip between Dubai and Madurai – Part 1

Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. One thing I always experienced in my life is when you plan a lot, it won’t happen. Good things usually happen all of a sudden. That is what happened while I was planning my trip.

In my previous TR, I promised that I will post more photos in my next TR. I hope I have fulfilled my promise and at the same time, not boring you with lot of pictures.

As usual, my whole hearted thanks to Abhijit and Hiren for providing many information and clearing many doubt. They are the one who I always rely on when I have any doubt in Aviation.

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My First ever Trip Report – Doha to Madurai

First of all, I am excited to write my first Trip Report (TR) getting inspired from many guys in Airliners India forum. So apologies if its too lengthy and also for grammar as I’m not well versed with English. I’m bit shy in taking photos. So you many not find many in my TR. The few I took were also not in good quality. So bear with me this time. I’ll surely take better ones in my next trip. And I’m nowhere related to Aviation. Keep that in your mind before you start reading.

Before I start, I need to thank Abhijit, Raj Menon, Ameya, Jishnu and Hiren from Airliners India who continuously encouraged me to write a TR. OK. let’s start.

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