SpiceJet – Fleet, Bases and Aircraft rotations


It all started will my love and passion towards Madurai International Airport (IXM). SpiceJet is the first airline to start international service from IXM and is the largest operator at IXM. I started looking at the rotation of their flights operated to/from IXM. Then I slowly got interested in knowing about the day to day operation of each aircraft and its rotation. Thus the below things came up.

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SpiceJet Q400 operations in Summer’15

Note: The analysis is purely based on the schedule posted in SpiceJet website as on 25th Feb.

Can a LCC have 2 different types of aircraft? This is one of the never-ending debate. There are always examples for both successful and unsuccessful airlines in the world. In the case of SpiceJet, it was a distress. Though the decision of selecting Q400 was not so bad, the worst decision was to buy it instead of leasing.

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