IXM – Pax and Load Factor – 2016

Madurai International Airport (IXM) has handled 9.69 lakh passengers in the year 2016. Out of them, around 6.97 lakh were domestic passengers and 2.72 lakh were international passengers. It is record increase of 28% compare to the last year.

This is the first for IXM to handle more than 9 lakh passengers in a year and more than 85,000 passengers in a single month. On average, 80788 passengers used IXM each month.

IXM also recorded an impressive load of 86% overall for the year 2016.

Within the year 2016……

Highest number of pax handled in a month

Domestic – 62323 pax in May

International – 25043 pax in May

Overall – 87366 pax in May

Highest load in a month

Domestic – 90% in May & June

International – 91% in May

Overall – 90% in May

2016 vs 2015

2016 was an excellent year for Madurai Airport (IXM). The increase in total number of pax in a single month was recorded as high as 54%. Though the percentage has come down a little in the last two month of 2016 due to various reasons, it still posted an awesome 28% growth in the year.


Total Pax and LF


Month-wise Pax and LF

*Highest Load and Pax are marked in Red



Detailed month by month load

January 2016


February 2016


March 2016


April 2016


May 2016


June 2016


July 2016


August 2016


September 2016


October 2016


November 2016


December 2016



One thought on “IXM – Pax and Load Factor – 2016”

  1. Thanks for your effort. Impressive performance by IXM. Good to see domestic load factor is very steady, which is the main reason behind Indigo entry. International traffic has been down since Nov, which is the worrying factor.

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